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Effectively manage grants, funds, commitments, encumbrances—and keep your staff mission-focused

You need to focus on your mission, whether your organization provides support for people with disabilities or distributes food to needy families. Microsoft Dynamics GP supports not-for-profit organizations by providing software tools and extensive business management capabilities. These features can help you spend more time securing grants and performing effective management—and less time dealing with technology and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes programs to automate and help you better manage four critical elements of public sector and not-for-profit agencies: Grants, funding, encumbrances, and commitments. With Microsoft Dynamics GP software, you can easily access and cross-reference data, automate tedious operations and administrative processes, and provide timely reports to run your organization more effectively.

If you spend a significant amount of your time managing multiple funds and grants, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help streamline these tasks. So you can focus on increasing grant funding instead of manually calculating and managing funds.

Lower costs and improve productivity

Grant-management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you better manage grants from start to finish, so you can easily comply with regulations and always be accountable to sponsors. And, you can improve productivity from processing applications and assigning awards to administering and closing grants. Validate transactions against budgets. Assign users, projects, and general ledger accounts. All of these grant-related process efficiencies can save your organization time and money.

Help prevent overspending by using a grant-management actual versus budget comparison. This feature issues automated warnings that can help prevent the posting of transactions when funds are no longer available. When you're ready—whether or not it's the end of your fiscal year—you can create specialized status reports that automatically summarize your organization's important data.

Reduce errors for easy and more accurate reporting

For not-for-profit agencies, there seems to be an ever-increasing number of reporting guidelines, special regulations, and restrictions and limitations. Organizations need a solution that can help them adhere to guidelines with ease and with greater accuracy. With Fund Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP, organizations can assign each fund a unique ledger account that provides revenue, expense, and balance sheet reports. By automating your management of funds, you can minimize the chance for manual entry errors and help to ensure error-free reconciliations. Your organization can help save its employees time. And by making reporting easy, employees can meet guidelines more efficiently.

Streamline expense reporting

By using the "Track Encumbrances" application in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can—at any time—analyze expenditures against budgets. And you can streamline ongoing expense reporting to spend less effort on year-end summaries. You certainly want to avoid problems that can result from overspending funds in an account. Tracking encumbrances with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can help to ensure that the total actual expenditures, combined with the related commitments, do not exceed the appropriations. Your organization can even set up an automatic message alert to help you make sure overspending doesn't occur. Stay on track for using appropriations while setting aside funds for future contracts. Then you can rest easy, knowing that funds will be available when the payment is due.

Strengthen financial integrity

Financial integrity is important to your organization. Commitments management with Microsoft Dynamics GP can help preserve that integrity as well as reduce budget surprises that can occur. System capabilities enable you to provide account-level budget information and add committed purchases to financial reports. You can also seamlessly add committed purchases to any of your financial reports. Prevent overspending by forecasting future expenses and get a larger picture of your organization's financial future.

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