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How business management software can help you stay on the cutting edge

The need for speed and agility in the high tech and electronics industry is strong. Vital to meeting this need is the ability to optimize supply chains, reduce time-to-market for innovative products, and differentiate products with added services. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help companies meet these challenges and more.

The high tech and electronics industry comprises original equipment manufacturers, electronic manufacturing service providers, semiconductor manufacturers, and consumer electronics producers. No matter which one you work for, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you to focus more on innovation, collaborate for success, and quickly respond to change.

Focus on innovation

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables you to spend more time developing innovative, compelling products and less time being concerned with operating your software systems. Product features and data automation can help you master several recurring challenges and take advantage of ongoing opportunities such as:

  • Build high yield even from very short product life cycles


  • Anticipate and respond to rapidly changing product demand


  • Deliver high value and avoid rapid price erosion


  • Compete effectively in a global market


  • Control your manufacturing costs

Collaborate for success

By collaborating with customers, suppliers, and partners, your high tech and electronics company can stand out from the others, turning business challenges into opportunities. A flexible IT infrastructure with Microsoft Dynamics at its core enables you to connect your designers, procurement, suppliers, customers, and manufacturers. So data can be shared across all business units in a timely manner. And your company can create long lasting, productive business relationships.

Outsourcing is a trend in the high tech and electronics industry that can sometimes complicate internal operations. To help ensure that your information reaches all of your business partners and distributed locations, Microsoft Dynamics GP enables real-time collaboration with suppliers. By collaborating in a more timely fashion, you improve service levels and make your business run more smoothly. Also, by decreasing the time you might spend on operational tasks, you have an opportunity to pursue other economies and process improvements.

Respond to change

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you deploy solutions with capabilities for optimal business dealings. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, and the vertical solutions deployed by our partners, you can be more responsive to change by using the specific tools designed for the high tech and electronics industry:

  • Demand planning and forecasting


  • Product life-cycle management


  • Collaborative design and engineering


  • Supply chain collaboration


  • Multimode manufacturing


  • Vendor managed inventory


  • Field services management


  • Enterprise portal technology


  • RosettaNet integration


  • Fabless semiconductor manufacturing


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