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Streamline accounting and payroll, automate reporting, stay compliant, and improve grant management

With budget cuts, staff cutbacks, and escalating student enrollments all happening as Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statement 34 mandates school districts to comply with national accounting and reporting standards—where do administrators turn for real-world answers to complex operations challenges?

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexible and affordable software applications that can improve specific functions in managing the business side of your organization. This can help educational organizations such as yours meet complex regulatory requirements while simultaneously streamlining processes to free up staff time.

Gain full control of your organization’s financial management, reporting, and regulatory compliance

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Certified Partner solutions help you create and distribute relevant financial reports and analyze financial data. And because Microsoft Dynamics GP can integrate with current information technology (IT) systems, you can connect payroll, human resources, and financial systems. Sharing data enables you to enter information just once and then access it throughout the school district’s departments, or make it available to funding sources, educational authorities, and regulators outside of the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the ability to focus on delivering valuable educational services to students and communities because of the visibility and control of the financial management aspects of your organization it allows, including enabling you to:


  • Ease the pain of regulatory compliance and financial reporting: Prepare accurate financial statements, ensure compliance with GASB 34, and maintain a detailed chart of accounts using the fund accounting and tracking capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP. With better reports, auditors can more quickly justify past, present, or future educational expenditures. And building financial reports is an easier task than ever, especially since Microsoft Dynamics GP works with and like the Microsoft Office applications employees already know. For example, administrators can export Microsoft Dynamics GP reports to Microsoft Office Excel with just a few clicks, reducing the labor required to create tables and charts.


  • Master payroll and human resources challenges: Track the range of teacher’s contract start and end dates and manage a variety of compensation packages consistently and efficiently with the Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Certified Partners flexible payroll management solution.


  • Make student information more transparent: Look up individual student records or aggregated enrollment data in a matter of minutes with search and retrieve capabilities in an easy-to-use Web interface. Send student information reports securely across the Web to people who need specific information in order to make important funding and educational assessments and decisions. In addition, you can easily share student curriculum data with other school districts or government or private entities.


  • Perform interfund accounting with ease and accuracy: Eliminate the challenges that come with transferring balances across accounts, including the increased chance of error and the staff time spent juggling manual entry and reconciliation processes. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers interfund accounting functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP InterCompany, easing management of interfund transfers and ensuring account balances stay accurate and up-to-date.


  • Save time and meet reporting requirements with control account management: Manage payables control accounts by segments, saving valuable time and gaining a detailed picture of your finances that lets you meet demanding reporting requirements. Control account management functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP payables management functionality enables you to monitor payments at a granular level and eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting segments.

Ensure best budget utilization with encumbrance management

Keep your focus on using budgets effectively, rather than on tracking expenses and worrying whether you’ve exceeded limits. With Microsoft Dynamics GP encumbrance management features, educational organizations can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time. You’ll be able to:

  • Instantly alert users if budget limits have been exceeded when purchase order line items are entered.


  • Ensure funds are correctly allocated by reserving encumbrances when purchase orders are first entered.


  • Modify controls by entering tolerance levels for a specified amount over the budget.


  • Improve inquiry and reporting efficiencies through integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP purchase order processing functions.


  • Track encumbrances on an annual, period, or year-to-date level, with assurance that budget status information is up-to-date.

Track and manage commitments

Track online purchase requisitions as commitments with Microsoft Dynamics GP requisition management functionality. Web-based capabilities give you the flexibility to tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes, meaning you can:

  • Provide automatic alerts to users who generate and authorize online requisitions when those requisitions exceed budget tolerance levels.


  • Reduce processing time between submission and approval of online requisitions that fall within tolerance levels.

Administrate grants with excellent accountability

Microsoft Dynamics GP grant management functionality lets you track accurately the usage of grant funding and grant costs. And, it can help ensure compliance with specific guidelines and regulations, providing budget integrity for every dollar spent. Improved reporting systems result in more accurate data provided to auditors and can improve your ability to qualify for additional grant funding. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce manual entry and reconciliation processes with automatic tracking of expenditures to specific grants and programs.


  • Receive automatic warnings when you exceed budgets or when transactions are allocated outside of grant timelines.


  • Streamline transaction entry and gain flexibility with multiple distribution paths for a single transaction.


  • Assign multiple projects to a grant or multiple grants to a project.


  • Accurately track costs for the entire life cycle of a grant with centralized, easily accessible information.


  • Validate transactions against budgets on a period-by-period, grant-to-date, or grant life basis.


  • Deliver up-to-date grant status information with variance reports that span multiple fiscal periods.

  • Create standard or specialized reports that summarize information based on grant inception date or ending date.

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